Fuel Storage
(reprinted with permission from Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, I-80 & Hwy 146, Grinnell, Iowa 50112)

A. Fuel Oil

  1. Locate appliance storage tanks over five feet from any fire or flame either in or external to any fuel-burning appliance. Only Underwriters Laboratories approved inside storage tanks are to be used for fuel oil storage.

  2. Provide fill and vent pipes that terminate outside the building for inside fuel oil storage tanks.

  3. Diesel Fuel should not be stored or dispensed inside a building

B. Gasoline

  1. Locate above ground storage tanks at least 40 feet from any building or important structure.

  2. Underground tanks may be installed provided they are a minimum distance of one foot from building foundations, are equipped with approved weatherheads extending 12 feet above grade level, have three feet of earth cover, and have adequate corrosion protection.

  3. Storage of gasoline is prohibited in farm structures, except in sealed metal containers or safety cans.  The amount shall be limited to needs and shall not exceed two gallons.

  4. Lock all tanks to minimized the possibility of theft.