LP Gas
(reprinted with permission from Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, I-80 & Hwy 146, Grinnell, Iowa 50112)

  1. Tank location with respect to the nearest important structure, building or group buildings should be 10 feet for 125-500 gallon water capacity tanks, 25 feet for 501-2,000 gallon water capacity tanks and 50 feet for 2,001-30,000 gallon water capacity tanks. (For multiple tanks, add the capacity of the tanks together and use the appropriate distance.)

  2. Equip the system with two stage regulation.  The first stage regulator should be at the tank, the second stage regulator at the building.

  3. Provide a concrete, masonry or other firm foundation for tanks.

  4. Loose or piled combustible material, weeds, and long dry grass shall not be permitted within 10 feet of any container.

  5. Provided  a cover for the tank controls so their operation will not be affected by freezing rain, sleet, snow, ice, or other material.

  6. Equip all LP gas fired heating equipment with a 100% automatic shut-off device in accordance with he National Fire Protection Association's pamphlet #58-Storage and Handling of Liquified Petroleum Gases.

  7. Make sure all regulator vents are pointing down.

  8. Regulators 15 years old or older should be replaced.