Prevention of Windstorm Damage
(reprinted with permission from Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, I-80 & Hwy 146, Grinnell, Iowa 50112)

  1. Keep all buildings in good condition.  Repair loose sagging doors and windows and keep them in place.

  2. Large machine shed doors should be kept closed and provided with anchors at the bottom when they close.

  3. Straighten and properly brace all leaning or sagging buildings

  4. Remove overhanging limbs, dead and rotted trees near buildings.

  5. Provide anchor clips, framing clips, or plummers straps to anchor rafters on all buildings having large openings.  When trusses are bolted to the pole, provide at least two bolts.

  6. Except for pole buildings, provide a concrete foundation.  Make sure the foundation is in good repair and the building is anchored properly.

  7. Securely set the base of each pole for structural stability against wind, snow, and ice loads.  Past experience is helpful in deciding on the depth of set and the material to be used around the pole.

  8. Construct all new buildings with adequate bracing and materials of adequate strength and rigidity to provide for proper wind and snow load.  Also provide proper truss spacing and design.

  9. Contact your state university, local county extension service or Midwest Farm Planning Service on the proper method and design of farm structures.

  10. Contact your insurance carrier when considering remodeling, additions to existing buildings or new construction.